VP of Software Engineering

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professional men and woman

People and team management

100% Strategic

Thinking or thought leader
Thinking or thought leader

Thought Leader

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process maturation

Process Maturation

Culture and team building
Culture and team building

Build Culture of Trust

Servant Leadership silhouette
Servant Leadership silhouette

Servant Leadership

June 2021


November 2021

  • Designed, implemented, and monitored all operations and key performance metrics/operational efficiency for the engineering team. Reporte directly to the CEO, and independently owned all aspects of Software Engineering.

  • Recruited and developed top engineering talent.

  • Created standards and procedures to guarantee meeting and maintaining quality standards.

  • Understood and collaborated on the complete product lifecycle from concept to execution.

  • Researched and recommended new technology and ideas to improve processes and efficiency.

  • Spearheaded initiatives to modernize IT capabilities including planning, redesigning, and building implementation strategies for transitioning existing solutions.

  • Managed and directed a geographically dispersed Product Engineering made up of onshore/offshore.

  • Conceptualized roadmaps and collaborated with diverse leadership to align focus areas with business needs/capabilities.

  • Provided leadership and strategic vision to ensure business priorities were delivered based on agreed-upon time frames and standards.

  • Developed practices to increase and sustain remote employee engagement.

  • Built a culture of trust, inclusion, open-mindedness, and fairness using Servant Leadership as well as coaching introverts to be major contributors while improving the overall quality and culture of the teams.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Coached a Software Engineer that was promoted to Director of Software Engineering. Initially unsure and ineffective in that role, the individual was transitioned to the role of Principal Engineer and blossomed into a great company asset who enjoyed the new role.

  • Defined structure and processes to mature the Software Engineering and Product practices from no structure, loudest voice wins model to an agile scrum based approach.

  • Set the company up to enable measuring of velocity for a more predictable, reliable, and accountable software engineering organization.

  • Coached, mentored, and assisted Partnership Director in redefining strategic partnerships and improving relationships with partner companies in the Education Tech space.

  • Led an effort to improve hiring practices for the entire company.

  • Defined roles and provided training for the roles required for effective agile software development, including software engineering and a Product Owner role.

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