Senior Software Engineer

professional men and woman
professional men and woman

People and team management

95% Tactical

Thinking or thought leader
Thinking or thought leader

Thought Leader




Washington State Department of Social & Health Services
  • Performed software engineering in HTML and XML.

  • Developed database in SQL and Access.

  • Developed and implemented Client-Server software.

  • Supported all software development and purchasing for two business areas.

  • Developed and maintained the state-wide Adult-Blood-Lead registry.

  • Managed two junior engineers.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Performed a complete rewrite of the Adult Blood Lead Registry utilizing SQL and Access frontend. This rewrite improved the accuracy and performance for a system used by three state agencies. This effort lead to led to improved outcomes to constituents with blood and help launch an effort change how several industries work with lead.

  • Acted as a key resource to the multi-year agency wide Y2K effort. This effort required documenting all the changes required to legacy systems and training existing staff on the methods to implement the changes. Also assisted in writing a book that was a case-study about our approach that was shared with state and federal agencies.

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